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Available Services


As soon as you are ready to buy your primary home, second home or investment property we are able to assist you. Either cash or through a bank, we have dedicated teams to get you to the closing table.

Deed Preparation 

We are able to prepare just a deed for you when a closing is not required or if another title company is conducting the closing for your buyer. Call our office with questions and we can walk you through the whole process. 

Off-Site Closings

If you are closing on a purchase or refinance in NH or Maine and can't travel to us, we can travel to you. We will coordinate with all parties to find the best location to close at. Some typical options are a realtor office, bank or the property.

Full Title Searches and Updates

The history of your property is found through a title search by an abstractor. All of our closings include a title search. If you require title search outside of a closing or an update, please contact our office. 

Mail Away Closings

Mail away closings work best when you live out of state, traveling or out of the country. We are able to either overnight or e-mail documents to you directly so you are able to sign with a notary and send them back to our office. 

On-Line Requests

We are able to take your request for a title search and closing though this site. Just go to the Place an Order tab or send us an email at no matter what time of day or night.

We are also able to assist if you are using a 1031 Exchange. 
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